Wednesday, March 31, 2010

I'm really enjoying my new class.  This phase is supposed to be five weeks of advanced baking and five of purchasing but our class is pretty large so we are split up with half of us baking the first five weeks and purchasing the second and the other half flipped from that.  That's cool.  I will appreciate the smaller class when I'm back in the baking lab (I'm in the half that is purchasing first) but I really miss my classmates!  I didn't realize how attached I've gotten to a few of them.  Our new instructor, Chef Zuber, is great.  He is quiet and he seems very laid-back so far and that's nice.  The instructor for our first phase was kind of low-key but very picky (and he should have been, especially when we were new) and Chef Hedger in our second phase was very tough (I'm not complaining about that, either)  and very loud so this is cool.  I like Chef Hedger the best (one of my very favorite teachers ever) but I have felt most comfortable so far with Chef Zuber.  I've heard that this is one of our very hardest classes.  I think it's going to be just fine.

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