Saturday, April 24, 2010

So I'm playing around on Julianne's laptop this morning (she left it unattended and I can't get online on my computer right now) and Google Imaged her.  I found this article from when she was in 8th grade.   Ain't she cute?  I can't believe how quickly high school has flown by!  At least for me.  Her Junior prom is tonight.  Pictures to come!

I have a few pictures from her class project Thursday night.  She takes an Ecology class called Eco-Act that is sponsored by our Missouri Botanical Gardens.  She spent a lot of days at the gardens last summer.  After school started she had a regular class time for Eco-Act and she went to the elementary school once a week to teach a class to little kids.  They had to do a big project before school was out and they chose to have a Sustainability Night.  That it was on Earth Day was a coincidence.   I think she is one of only three students that take Eco-Act or at least that stuck with it all year.  She loves it!  These students were completely responsible for organizing their Sustainability Night.  They had several restaurants that had food tastings of local, sustainable foods, had a chef demonstration (Chef Evans from my L'Ecole Culinaire), and they showed Food, Inc.  After the movie there was a panel that took questions from the audience.  It was great!  Julianne was one of two emcees.  Her Dean of Students told me that she thinks she has "found her niche".  I'm not proud or anything.  And while I'm not being proud, did I tell you that she is Cheer Captain for next year?

Julianne is also in a group that takes care of the school districts chickens that they have as part of the Urban Chicken movement.  They call themselves Chickenologists.  They are studying chickens and writing a book about them.  Julianne got involved originally as the book illustrator but has really gotten into the chickens.  She recently became a Chicken Steward.  She goes over a couple times a week and one weekend a month to let them out in the morning, in at night, feed and water them, and muck out their coop.  I love that they can bring home any eggs that are there when they work!  There are three hens and fourteen baby chicks right now.   Each of the Chickenologists named one of the chicks and the kids at the Early Childhood Center where the coop is named the others.  Julianne named hers Gaga.  Three of the babies came to Sustainability Night.  Julianne is the only student involved in both Eco-Act and Chickenology.  When they had visitors from Vermont in town she was introduced to them by the school superintendent, Dr. Hencke, as our "Star Sustainable Student".  Dr. Hencke is taking Julianne and one of the others to Chicago for a week this summer.  We're excited!

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