Tuesday, November 10, 2009


We are not going to talk about the football game last night. Let's just say that I won't have to sit in the snow this year for playoffs and leave it at that. The weather was very nice for sitting outside. I worked in the concession stand for the first half but only wore my coat for maybe half of the second. I sat with some other parents (the funnest, noisiest ones!) and had a blast. Looking forward to basketball!

I slept better last night. I started a little too late to feel great today but at least I slept! This morning I walked to 711 for coffee before my carpool got here. About halfway there I tripped in my clumsy chef shoes. I threw one hip and shoulder out of whack and they are sooooooo sore! I skinned a hand and an elbow and scraped the heck out of one knee! The knee and elbow are turning darker and darker. When was the last time I skinned my knee? I'm going to be black and blue tomorrow! And stiff! Today I am very thankful for Tylenol!

School was cool. I don't want to say that I'm bored because that's so negative and I don't want to have a negative attitude toward school. I like it. I really do. We went over all of the small equipment in the kitchen and through each piece of our knife kits. Lecture time was mostly the history of our industry--Careme, Escoffier, and so on. It is very interesting and I took thorough notes the first time! I had a hard time hearing today (battery might be dead) and might have been less bored if I could have followed better. Standing around achy and too tired didn't help. More than anything, I don't want to come across to my instructors or my classmates as a know-it-all. That's annoying! I obviously do not know everything or think I do. I'm just saying that I very recently covered the materials that we are going over right now and I still remember them. We start knife cuts Thursday. I never did master that so it will do me a lot of good! I sure need practice! I tourned a potato to show Julianne Sunday. It was horrible but not even close to my first few in class.

I really have to start eating before school! We won't be cooking anything to actually eat for a few weeks and the smells from the other classes are soooooo gooooood!

Our knife kits don't have nearly as many things as the ones from Le Cordon Bleu but I think the knives are even better! This chef's knife is awesome!

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