Thursday, November 12, 2009

School is cool. I'm really enjoying it. I guess I'm better-rested today because I didn't feel like whining once! We started knife cuts so I got to play with my new, pretty chef's knife. We chopped some carrots and celery and then pasted garlic and minced parsley. Chef called it "competition parsley" which I hadn't heard before.

After our lab there was an ice cream social for the new students. It was horrible, I tell ya! ;) They are really mistreating us. The pastry chef ("Chef Santa") made four kinds of homemade ice cream. I grabbed pumpkin. I thought I'd died and gone to Heaven! I love pumpkin anyway but this had candied ginger mixed in. YUM!!! I mean, dang it! I hate school!

We also had our first quiz. I don't know what to think about it. I felt that I knew the material but I wasn't sure how to answer a couple of things. I hope I did well. How embarrassing it would be not to!

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