Tuesday, September 15, 2009

I went to the night class again last night. I really don't like it. The chef instructor does things and makes us do things so differently from the other instructors I've had so far. I expect that but he just expects me to  instinctively know to do them his way and is a little snotty about it. The class is much smaller than the morning class (and everyone is very, very nice) but, my gosh, they are the slowest cleaners! Class is over at 10:30 and they didn't get done last night until at least 11:00. My carpool & I were planning to go back to our 6am class today. Her F3 class at night only has eight students in it and they are always done very early. She just waits for me. Her dad is in ICU this week and she works right after our morning class. In order to be able to be at the hospital during visiting hours she needs to go to the night class. I totally understand and am grateful to be able to get to school but I really hate it! Chef Todd (gosh, I miss him this week) called me this morning while J was in x-ray (more on that below) to tell me that he has a schedule all worked out where I can pass the class but I have to be in his class and I have to be able to stay over. I had emailed him and asked him to be very honest about whether I could pass the class because if I had to take it over anyway I was not going back at night this week. I have to figure out the ride situation for staying after class. Next week is the last week of F2 anyway so I do need to catch up quickly if I don't want to take it again.

Last night we paired up and made roasted chickens with jus lie', pommes puree', glazed carrots, goujonettes of catfish, sauce tartar and cocktail sauce. It was all quite yummy! It's starting to matter how we plate the food. That is not my gift!

Julianne broke her toe on her bedroom doorway a few weeks ago. I thought it was getting better but the top of her foot is bruised and swollen and very tender. There is a little knot by the joint of that toe. I took her to an urgent care facility this morning. After an x-ray the doctor told us what's wrong--and you're not gonna believe this--she has the tip of a needle embedded in her foot! On the TOP of her foot! How the heck did that happen? She denies vehemently crawling around in Nanie's sewing room. Very weird! But kinda funny! There is no infection. This doctor didn't remove it because she didn't know how much tissue was around it and didn't want to dig around in there. I would have let her. Now I have to take her to a surgeon to remove it but they will probably do it in their office.

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