Friday, September 11, 2009

Egg Day

I made it to school last night! Chef Todd seemed happy to see me (but I had Chef David for my instructor). He said to just worry about Egg Day for the night and that we would catch me up slowly over the next two weeks and that I can still pass F2! There were tests yesterday but I don't have to take them yet. I've missed a lot! I've missed Vegetable Day, Legume Day, making homemade pasta (I really looked forward to that), and I don't even know what else. I want to do all of it but I don't want to be too overwhelmed. I know that on Monday we are roasting chickens (don't know what else except that it will also be roasted). I'm telling you right now that I am NOT throwing a whole chicken away! It's coming home with me. Chef has to look away some time!

Egg Day was easy! We made Eggs Benedict, French omelets, and fried eggs. I had never eaten eggs Benedict before. I don't know why, except that I don't really care for English muffins. I love poached eggs. I only had to try this recipe once and Chef declared it "the best so far!" It was awesome! I inhaled it while I cooked the other stuff. I had to do two omelets because the first one had a weird texture and wasn't setting up. Chef said that it was because I didn't use a non-stick pan (I NEVER use non-stick) but I don't think that was it. I did switch pans, though, and it was perfect the next time. Now, I've fried eggs for years, but I had to do them THREE times last night! The first time I broke one of the yolks. The second time I lost half of it between the stoves when I tried to flip them (never tried that before and was intimidated but I'll never do it with a spatula again). The third time even my flip was good! I meant to do them over-easy but they felt hard to me so that's what I told Chef they were. They were medium. They were good, though. Obviously, I couldn't eat all of those eggs, so they did get thrown away (except the poached ones). Chef took a picture of each of us with each dish for our portfolios. Thank God I wore makeup to class! I hope this is not going to be a regular occurrence. I'm just not real photogenic. To round out the class, Chef David felt that he should pass on some wisdom on his own, and he showed us how to season pans. That was cool. I'm going to do that to all of mine over the weekend.

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  1. Your posts make me so hungry!! I'm glad it's going well. I miss chatting with you more. :)