Friday, September 18, 2009

Julianne's foot saga

We visited a surgeon, Dr. Durgin, (real nice guy who was an Army surgeon in Baghdad) this morning and got her darned foot fixed. He was able to do it in his office and I got to watch. He was trying to get the thing out without any stitches but she did end up with one--her very first stitch ever. The "foreign body" looks like the business end of a thumbtack and it's rusty. We saved it 'cause we're goofy and because a couple of her teachers wanted to see. J has a low-grade infection. She ended up with antibiotics but no pain stuff and the shot he gave her has pretty much worn off. She can't cheer tonight but she donned her uniform (and slippers) and rode the bus to the game. I'm sure she's milking the sympathy for all she's worth! Just got a text. They won 25-7. YAY!!!

Julianne took this cheesy picture in Whole Foods on the way home from the doctor's office:

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