Tuesday, August 18, 2009

We are gearing up to make sauces so we made more stock today! We cooled our veal stock from yesterday and got it in the cooler and we made chicken stock and fish fume'. The veal stock smelled so good! The fish not so much. I love fish but it never really smells good until it's cooked. We just used bones for the stock. After we got done with all of that we practiced some knife cuts. I'm getting really tired of them! Guess they're just part of life now.

I got through six weeks of F1 without a single bandaid. Today I have two! Each hand has one on my "cuss finger". They are both just scratches but they bled a little. The first one is from my peeler and I got it from reaching into my knife kit. I guess I have learned my lesson about putting the plastic things back on the blades. I got the second one making batonnets from a carrot.

John & Wayne:

Making MORE mirepoix:

We just put chicken stock fixins into the big kettle:

"Fish heads, fish heads, roly poly fish heads......"

Josh & Wayne & fish bones:


The safest way to cool stock:

Making fish fume':

The fish fume':

Chef Kim made a game out of quizzing us about what we learned in F1.

The other team:

My team:

The huddle:

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