Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Today in class we divided into pairs and used some of the stocks that we have been making to make second sauces--sauces derived from the five mother sauces. We used fish fume' to make Sauce Vin Blanc, chicken stock to make Sauce Supreme, and we made bechamel so we could make Sauce Mornay. My partner was Martin, also my carpool, and we finished up pretty quickly--a lot quicker than everyone else--so we ended up cleaning a lot. We snatched every dirty dish left unattended to wash and tried to keep busy. Our sauces were okay. One was just a little runny and our Sauce Mornay had a red hair in it. There is only one redhead in class. Guess who has to wear a hairnet from now on? Dang it.

Chris taking a picture of me taking a picture of him:


Wayne, Meredith, William:

Matt & Charles having their sauces graded:

Josh & John & the moment of truth:

Rachel & Jamie:

What does Dewey think I'm doing?

Sergio & Chris primping:

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