Friday, August 21, 2009

Yesterday we made more sauces. This time they all started with demi-glace. We made Sauce Robert, Sauce Chasseur, and Sauce Marchand de Vin (YUM!!!--all of them with wine in them are YUM). I should have reduced my demi-glace much longer but there was a little mix-up. Other than that, Chef's only comment was that they needed more salt. He added some and had me taste it. I thought it was too salty. Several students said the same thing after their sauces were graded. I know that Chef knows best but I also know that smoking affects your sense of taste and while I respect Chef and his knowledge, experience, and judgement for the most part, I also think that he should take into consideration his own habit when tasting our food. I would have sent it back in a restaurant. The Sauce Chasseur was yummy! It has wine, mushrooms, shallots, and tomatoes in it. How can you really go wrong? I couldn't throw it away. I dubbed it Soup Chasseur and ate it with a spoon!

We started the morning with a little gathering where awards were given out for 3.0 and 4.0 grades (I got neither) and Perfect Attendance (I woulda had that if not for car trouble) for the last term. I guess we're going to do this every six weeks. We did it the first week, too. Just wait until the Baking/Patisserie class. I'll get a certificate then!

I ended the week with three bandaids! Let's hope this is my record.

Monday is Emulsion Day. There are no words to adequately express my excitement.

Obviously I have gotten over feeling silly to get my camera out in class!

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