Monday, August 17, 2009

Food Foundations 2 (F2)

Today is the first day of the seventh week of school and that means that we are in a new class--Food Foundations 2 (F2) and have moved over to the next kitchen. We will be cooking much more now. The F1 class focused a lot on sanitation and we watched Chef demonstrate cooking techniques in there. Now we do it ourselves! Today we made veal stock. I took a TON of pictures! You can see that we roasted the veal bones and mirepoix first because it is a brown stock. It needs to cook all night and there is a lot of it so we took in downstairs to a different kitchen and put it in kettles. Good stock is the foundation for most sauces and all soups so we go through a lot of it at school. It sure smells good!

I'm still having car trouble. I think something is up with the transmission. Thank God, though, that I have finally found someone to carpool to school with! My classmate, Martin, offered to pick me up. I can't even tell you how grateful I am for that! I really want to finish this course but I can't get to school without a car. There is no public transportation out that far and I wouldn't want to be on it quite that early anyway. School is at 6am. I don't know how early I would have to leave to get there on a bus or train even if they were available and I don't think that I would feel safe walking when it's still dark.

Making mirepoix (50% onions, 25% carrots, and 25% celery):


We are roasting the vegetables:

Heather, Dinah, & Sergio:

Our new F2 teacher is Chef Todd:

This is our school president, Todd Pearson, giving us a pep talk:

Jamie, Rachel, Dewey, Kevin, and Matt (he's the most cheerful dude):

Martin, Meredith, Rachel, Jason, Jamie, & Charles:

Dewey & Kevin (and Chef Nathan):

Roasted veal bones:


Pince' tomato paste and deglaze the roasting pan:

Chris, William, Daniel, & John:

We dumped everything together and took it downstairs to a kettle:

Matt laughs all the time! Cool guy!

Jared deglazing the roasting pan:

Chef Kim & Chef Todd:

Measuring out aromatics:

Adding the aromatics:

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