Wednesday, July 1, 2009

I am orientated!

What do you call it anyway? Orientation at school was this afternoon. It was exciting and we got a lot of "loot" to bring home. We have four uniforms each that consist of a chef's jacket, checkered pants, a beanie (we get toques for graduation), a cravat, an apron, and a towel. We also have steel-toe safety shoes that could replace my ankle weights! We have an enourmous Professional Cooking book and a study guide and DVD to go with it and another book on food safety. We have a kit with all kinds of utensils and, of course, knives, plus a travel cup, tee-shirt, name tag, and big tote bag. I couldn't wait to get home and play with all of that stuff. I wasted no time getting rid of all of the packaging and wrappers. I'm ready! I'm a little nervous about being able to hear and follow the chef in class but I will try to not be shy to ask him to repeat things or to ask for a tutor if I need it. Now I hafta find work!

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