Wednesday, June 24, 2009


I have a new development that I'm very excited about. If you know me you know that I lost my job Thanksgiving week and you also know how hard it is to find a job right now. There are so many people applying for every opening. It gets so discouraging. I guess I could be working by now if I wasn't determined to make more than Unemployment pays. Even before I lost my job I was thinking very seriously about making changes. I'm tired of not having a career but just having jobs to pay bills. I want to like my work. I used to get depressed thinking about having an empty nest. The time with Julianne has gone so quickly! My empty nest will be just me & Abby and I dread that so bad! I really don't want to sit around St. Louis rusting out. I have always wanted to travel. I never have done it. I was a travel agent for a few years and I didn't go one single place! I was a new single mom then and flat broke. I probably won't be wealthy enough in two years to become a globetrotter so I've been thinking hard about jobs that would let me live where I want. I love the hospitality industry! Anyway, week before last I saw an ad for Le Cordon Bleu. They are new in St. Louis. I don't think anyone has graduated yet but it's a big name that I recognized instantly. I called just out of curiosity and had an appointment the next day with an admissions representative. The next week (last week) I was fitted with uniforms and given a student ID. Today I met with a financial aid gal and next week is orientation. I start culinary school July 6! It happened very quickly and I am SO EXCITED!!! So, for now my plans are to move to Cape Cod and work at an inn. I think I would be happier than at a big hotel. I've been fascinated with Nantucket for years. I'm open to other places but right now that's my fantasy (at least that's the fantasy that I want to share here). Everything that I need for school is included in tuition--uniforms, shoes, books, utensils, knives--and I will get all of that stuff at orientation. So is all of the food we cook and we can bring it home. Julianne is excited about that because I hardly ever cook anymore because I mostly do the raw thing--mostly green smoothies. Graduation is, I think, March 26. Now I've got to find a job (or a couple of part-time jobs) to work around my school schedule.

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  1. I am so happy for you, and I know you will do great things!!