Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Another Ravelry Swap!

I love this swap business! The Cindy Ravelers are having a swap and I received my package yesterday. I'm feeling guilty because the shipping deadline is in April so I haven't bought anything yet (a couple of little things). Anyway, my package is awesome! Cindy is from Vermont (I'm dying to go there sometime) so she included dark Vermont chocolates, Vermont pewter Celtic buttons (she saw that I was in some Scots groups) and a pewter heart pin. There is a little worry stone "for when your fingers and mind are tense from lace!" I wish lace was the thing making me tense! She also sent gorgeous yarn! The smaller hank doesn't have a tag. I guess it's probably sock yarn. It's soft and the colors are beautiful! The big hank is Schaefer Yarn's hand-painted merino wool Miss Priss. Its from a series created for "Memorable Women" and the tag has a little bio of Ingrid Bergman. What a great gift! THANK YOU, CINDY!!!

I have a wicked headache from not catching a baseball. I catch like a girl anyway but I also had a lap full of bulldog. Jim wanted to show me a ball he bought in Florida and I didn't realize that he thought my hand being up (don't know why it was up) meant to toss it to me. I got it in my right temple. It's tender but there is no visible bruise. It sure feels like a bruise! It'll be fine in a day or two but in the meantime I'm popping way too much Tylenol!

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