Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Goggie Sitting

Abby & I are spending the weekend at my brother, Jim's, apartment babysitting my new niece, Betty, while all of the boys (both of my brothers, two oldest nephews, & dad) are in Florida deep-sea fishing. Abby is not impressed with Betty but then she's just not really a dog person. Betty wants to play with her so bad and Abby won't give in.

She is in my lap in this pic and snoring her brains out! Abby's under the laptop--as far from Betty as she can be without giving her mom up to the brat.
A funny thing happened this morning. Out of the blue I had a text message from my dad asking to please call him James Martin. Odd but I figured that he wanted to be called James now instead of Jim or Jimmy (funny that he's always been Jim but wants to be Jimmy lately and my brother, Jimmy, wants to be Jim) but I replied with, "Instead of Daddy?" and he replied "Yup." That's just weird. I texted my three sibs and asked if they had gotten the same message or did they know if he was mad at me. One of them mentioned it to him and he called me. Turns out that he accidentally sent the message to me instead of his doctor. So now I'm wondering about his relationship with his doctor since the "Daddy" part didn't tip him off! Doesn't sound too professional!


  1. That is just too funny! Hope they enjoy their trip.

  2. I'm sure they will. My oldest nephew deploys this spring and they wanted to spend some time together. No girls allowed!