Monday, March 2, 2009

Pissy Monday!

I just feel like grumbling. I'm cutting out coffee after today. I don't need coffee really. I just like it. I'm not someone who can't function without. I cut soda out a year ago and the water at my office tasted funny so I started drinking too much coffee then. I don't think coffee itself is particularly bad for you but I know that the crap that I put in it is not good with the corn syrup and hydrogenated crap. I really wish I liked it black. I've made a commitment to a healthier diet and so the coffee crap has to go. After today I will make a pot of tea in the morning. I like it better anyway. Coffee's just easier. I have a whole shelf in the pantry crammed with every kind of tea imaginable. Time to drink it. So, anyway, I made a pot of coffee this morning to use up the last of the yummy crap that I don't want to eat anymore but I forgot to close the lid of the pot so the coffee is almost clear. I dumped it back in and closed the lid and turned the pot back on. It won't work! It's on--the light is on--but it won't do anything. I've plugged it into different outlets and it still won't work. I should use my adorable new red percolator--which makes hotter and stronger coffee anyway--but instead I decided to have a smoothie. I got out my trusty smoothie maker and filled it with frozen fruit, a chopped apple, green tea, & yogurt and turned it on. It won't work, either! But it's on and makes a noise. Now I'm mad! I tried different outlets. No go. Is something wrong with the first outlet that ruined my things? Maybe I'll switch the smoothie stuff to the Magic Bullet and try another outlet first. If that doesn't work I'm going back to bed!

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