Sunday, November 30, 2008

Our Thanksgiving

We had our Thanksgiving at my cousin's bar/banquet center. It was the perfect place because it was a good, central location but also there was TONS of room for kids to run! There was a lot of yummy food (including two turkeys--half of one is in my fridge) and we had a blast. It was also Jeannie's birthday so we had a surprise cake for her.

Julianne & Amanda

Getting a bear hug from Nikolas. He's a rib-crusher!

Jeannie & Nanie

Mary, Tiffany, Kim, John, Suzanne

My mom, Aubrey, John, Amanda, Julianne

bottom row: Mary, Jeannie, Suzi, Kim, Missie; top row: Dan, me, Ed, Jim

Julianne Inez Martin, Mary Inez Henry, Carol Inez Mancil, Eva Inez St. Clair

My little pool shark

Jim & Dan

Austin & me

Denise & Ed

My Nananie

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