Friday, November 28, 2008

Clowns to the left of me, jokers to the right......

I love my cousins. Always have. They are some of my favorite people. We spent a lot of time together growing up. I'm the oldest and Mary is six weeks younger. Her sister, Suzanne, is eleven months younger than she is and my brother, Jim, came four months after her. My brother, Ed, was born the same month that I turned three and Mary & Suzi's brother, Dan, was a year later. I guess by now the folks figured out what was causing it and took a break! A few years later Missie, Jeannie, and my sister, Kim, completed the set. The oldest six of us were pretty much inseparable when we were little. In fact, we lived in opposite sides of a duplex when Mary & I were babies. We had great adventures. At least in our minds. We had this fantasy of running away. We weren't mad. It just sounded like fun. We would pack up and head out only to end up "camping" in the yard. We sure do have some stories! Everyone is (sort of) grown up now with kids of our own but as you can see from our pictures we still have a ball when we're together! When we all manage to be at the same event the old folks like to get a group shot. They do eventually get a reasonably serious picture but not without a lot of fussing. We are often accused of showing our asses so this Thanksgiving we did literally!

Mary & me with Nanie & Grandad

Our Grandad with Suzi, me, & Mary

Grandad holding Eddie; on the step is Jimmy, Mary, Suzi, & me (yes--the one with my finger in my nose)Eddie, Mary, Dan, Suzi, me, Jimmy

Back row: Dan, Eddie, Suzi, Mary, Cyndi, Jimmy; Front row: Butch, Fritz, Charlie
in front: Dan, Missie, Kim, Jeannie, Eddie; in back: Jimmy, Suzi, Mary, & me

This is Nanie & Grandad's 50th anniversary (out of 63!). I'm the family biter. Mary & Suzi always had teeth marks when we were little!
You can't pick your brothers but you can pick your brother's nose

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