Monday, December 1, 2008

What's on my needles

I have a lot of works in progress but only pictures of a couple. I finally learned to make two socks at one time but decided that if I could do two at a time then I could surely do four! So I have four socks going on two circular needles. They're much longer than these pics but I'm not to the heels quite yet because I have project ADD. Yesterday I started a pair of slippers (next picture down) for my Aubrey girl. She's getting her tonsils out on Wednesday. I'm going to finish these up tonight and felt them tomorrow. I might do some embroidery on them first. We'll see. I'll use puff paint to keep my girl from slipping on her wood floors. The next two pictures are things that are done! YAY!!! First is a Malabrigo Silky Merino scarf. I did Feather & Fan but did it sideways so I could blend the skeins a little better (the yarn is hand-painted and no two skeins are alike). I'm pretty proud of it! I jsut wish it was a little longer. It is also on me in the Thanksgiving pictures in the preceeding post. Next is my Wonky Ribbed Hat. I named it that because the ribs are just a mess! I should have maybe had a plan for decreasing with ribs and obviously I did not. It's pretty snug and Julianne says I look dorky in it but let me tell you--it's WARM!!! It's wool and heavy and I hope to have it with me if I get stranded in nasty weather. In fact I should probably just keep it in the car since it's useless as a fashion statement. I have a matching mitten almost done and a scarf about halfway done. The bottom picture is my loot from the last swap that I participated in on Ravelry. I had the best partner, Hilary from Germany, in the history of swapping!

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