Thursday, November 22, 2007

Happy Thanksgiving!!!

We are at my mom's getting ready to go to my brother's house to eat. My tummy is growling! I hope we can eat soon after we get there.

I guess I didn't blog about it, but my office was closed last Thursday. I'm unemployed. I hate it! They opened the St. Louis office, hired me, and then got distracted before they hired any architects. I sat there alone for two years with nothing to do except play on the internet or read. I'm not complaining but I was feeling pretty isolated. I think they opened other offices--New York, Princeton, and Tampa--at the same time and had to focus a lot of attention on them. The lease is up and instead of renewing they are just shutting me down. Dang! I've gotten spoiled there! I posted my resume on before I unplugged the computer to pack it up (had been on hotjobs and sending emails out already). A gal from a recruitment agency found me there and sent me on an interview with a CPA firm as I have some experience there. It sounds like a great position. The location is awesome and I know I am qualified for the position. I'm worried about rent, the gas bill, and Christmas. I really don't want to take a few weeks to find something new. I want to work TODAY. Everyone who reads this please pray that I can find something very soon.

Our Blue Devils did not win their last state playoff game. They had a heck of a season, though, and we are so proud and still so excited for the record that they have this year. Also, we know that they will kick some serious tail next year!

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