Wednesday, November 14, 2007

A couple of pictures from the phone

Julianne got a new cell phone over the weekend. She didn't need one. I just bought her one in February and she picked out the one that she wanted. I'm still using the free one that came with our plan over three years ago. It's a pain in the neck but I wouldn't buy another until it just stops working. Julianne wants a Blackjack, though, and her Uncle John bought her one. She's pretty proud of it, too! I inherited the almost-new one that I bought her. I lost all of my ringtones (and I had accumulated some great ones over three years!) but it is a much better phone. It's so much easier to text-message. My 6-key was stuck on the old one and you had to mash the heck out of it. Of course, MN & O were on that key and they're important letters! This phone also "flips" and that's fun. I can't get the hang of the very cool flip-thing like they do on the Razr commercials. Julianne tried to teach me but I end up flipping it across the room. Maybe the coolest feature of the phone is the camera! I'm a picture freak so it's right up my alley! It doesn't take good pictures at all but at least I always have a camera on me. Here are the pictures that are on there. I messaged them to myself so I can delete them and start over! The first one is the ocean at Dauphin Island where Julianne went on a class trip last year. The next one is her with her bff, Lindsey. The others were Sunday at Wal-Mart when I couldn't stop playing with it!

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