Tuesday, January 1, 2008

I'm over 40!!!

41 today. Ugh! I need to go back to bed! Here's hoping that 2008 will be full of good things! 2007 wasn't bad all in all but the end got messy. I lost my job in November and for the first couple of weeks after that I started my job-hunt while also trying to get my house in order. My insurance ended on December 1. On the third, after completely emptying the only storage closet in the house (and it's scary full) into the living room to get to the Christmas decorations (which were, of course, in the very back) I got sick. I went to bed freezing cold thinking I would get under the covers and get warm and get back up to put all of the tons of junk back in the closet. That was on a Monday. I spent the whole week with chills, high fever, and achyness and didn't get up until Friday night when my mom kidnapped me & took me to the ER! After a chest x-ray, breathing treatment, two IVs with drugs in them, and some bloodwork, I was diagnosed with bronchitis and pronounced very badly dehydrated. I was miserable! I was feeling better until I got the ER bill! I will never skip my flu shot again! Being sick totally knocked me out of the job search for awhile. I have to really hit it hard now--the job hunt and cleaning the living room. Unemployment just ain't cutting it! Christmas was very lean.

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