Saturday, June 2, 2007

Dancin' Queen

Julianne had her first recital for the year last night. Her studio has two locations--a new one a few blocks from us where she takes her regular classes and a bigger one where she goes for competition team classes. The smaller studio had their recital last night. The other one will have four performances over three days--the same three days as cheer camp, of course! At the small studio Julianne is the only dancer in any of her classes, which made three recital solos plus her competition solo. I really enjoyed watching her. Her dad was there as his other daughter's mom owns the place. It was the first time J's dad has seen her dance (besides shaking her groove thang at her graduation party) and her first recital with her sister. We met some of Devin's family that we didn't know and they couldn't believe how much Julianne looks like Devin and even sounds like her and has a lot of the same mannerisms. It's funny to think that those things are hereditary and not just habits picked up from the person who raises you. It's cool. It was too dark to get pictures (I tried) and I thought I had a video of each dance, but I did something wrong! I do have a couple of dark photos and a couple of her helping her dad to roll up the stuff on the stage. I think he called it marley. I'll take better ones next time!

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