Sunday, June 3, 2007

My blog

I'm enjoying playing with this blog. Composition has never been my strong suit. Ever. I love to read more than almost anything, but I don't write. I want to so badly but it just does not come naturally to me. I hesitated to start a blog because of the writing. I don't write stories and while I have very strong opinions about the things going on in the world I could not imagine anyone wanting to read them. I joined some digital scrapbooking boards and needed a place to post pictures of the layouts that I had done to share them with the other ladies there. You can see how little focus there is so far on scrapping! There's not one darned layout yet! I've needed a place to put links for the affiliate programs in which I participate and this looks like a good enough spot for that. I always have fun playing with stuff like this. I'm having a party right now just messing with the affiliate buttons! I wish I had started sooner! I promise that this blog will look better soon as I learn more about html coding. Come back to see pictures (I take so many) of my family and read about our adventures and to shop. As long as you're not expecting Jane Austin we'll be just fine!

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