Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Gosh, I feel old!

My baby nephew, JT, is all grown up now. I just can't believe it! He was the first grandbaby in our family and was the only one until Julianne was born when he was four. The world revolved around JT for those four years. He was a little doll with snow-white hair and big blue eyes and enough personality for six kids. He was so sweet and so good. When I was expecting J he was so excited to be getting a cousin. He thought I should have a girl and name her Lester "or somethin' like that." JT graduated from high school Saturday night. When he came up the aisle in his cap and gown I was fighting tears (and losing). The keynote speaker decided that we should all sing the national anthem but didn't tell us to stand. On the first syllable JT stood and removed his cap. Everyone else in the gym followed. That's when I lost it! I was so proud! Yesterday morning I snuck out of work to watch him swear into the Marines as a Reservist. That was hard. I thought about him all day and wondered if her was at boot camp yet. Strangely, I felt better when I got a text message from his dad saying that he was at the airport USO in San Diego waiting for someone to pick him up. I know he'll be okay but I worry.

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