Thursday, June 9, 2011

We had a long bus ride from Rome to Figline Valdarno--three hours and a rest stop--but it was so amazingly gorgeous!  I am completely fascinated with very old things--especially buildings--so I was glued to the windows with my camera.  Here are just a few of the many, many, many pictures that I took!

Woah.  He knows our name.

There is graffiti everywhere!

Yes, I will take a picture of anything.

This is a rest stop along the road and even the food there is amazing!  the top shelf is bowls of fruit with peaches and cherries, next down is antipasti plates, then caprese salads, and then more fruit.  I think I'm gonna like this place!  The bowls to the left are veggies, maybe roasted, and they look like Heaven!   I remember huge mushroom caps.

No bologna and Kraft singles in there!

Pastries!  Okay, I was trying to save my euros since my meals are included in all of this but I can resist no longer!

Can you see the lizard?

There are flowers EVERYWHERE!

I wasn't going to eat until our welcome lunch but my pastry just sat in my bag and teased me until I gave in.  OHMYGOSH YUM!!!

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