Thursday, October 21, 2010

Would you eat here?

In this past phase we had a menu project to do.  I don't guess we had to do them for the same restaurant but I think that most of us did.  I did.  I totally got into it and just elaborated on my daydreams.  The first week we did a lunch menu.  Chef liked it a lot and the only negatives at all were related to format.  The font was small and a couple of other things.  They are all below as they were when I turned them in.  The changes from lunch to the others are Chef's suggestions and really made them dramatically better!  My catering menus are not included yet.  I have to find them and do screenshots.  I managed to get all of mine as a single page and printed them on cardstock them mounted them on other paper and cardstock to make them pretty.  The logo at the bottom was cut out and glued to the back of each menu.  As a public speaking project in the business part of our phase, we had to give a presentation--either a business proposal or a cooking demonstration (caesar salad).  The cooking demo would be as if it were on the morning news so you would be interviewed and would talk about and promote your restaurant.  I did that one.  Part of the grade was for visual aids.  I used the bottom lunch menu for that, printed two on a sheet on khaki cardstock.  I was especially proud of those little menus and got a lot of compliments on them!  I'm not sure about the first lunch menu but all of the others got 100%.  That makes me happy!

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