Saturday, October 23, 2010

Still Undefeated!

Today we played the Northwest Hornets.  You remember these stellar characters from last year?  They aren't any nicer on their home turf.  I guess you shouldn't be surprised by the behavior from a team who can't even have night games?  Both teams were undefeated so we expected a little tension but they are just downright mean.  I am SO glad I got Julianne out of City schools!  They started the intimidation thing during warm-ups again.  Their players were across the field from our cheerleaders so they weren't subjected to profanity this time.  Two Maplewood cops were at the game and they kept a good watch out.  Our players brought their bags out of the locker room so they wouldn't have to go back in the building when the game was over.  When it was, they were rushed off of the field the second they were done shaking hands.  Thank goodness!  The Hornets team, fans, and parents erupted into a big brawl on the field.  Seriously--big mob fighting each other just right out there!  What a bunch of animals.  That was broken up but there were fights still at the gate.  I wouldn't leave until I knew Julianne was getting on her bus.  Turns out, though, that the bus circled around after I left and picked them up at the gate--exactly where I didn't want her to be.  She said they were fighting right outside the bus but that the police were there.  A man attacked his boy and a woman cop knocked him out right when he stomped the kid's back.  Anyway, we won 37-7.  Nice!  We had already won something a couple of weeks earlier and are definitely going to playoffs.  WOOHOO!!!

On the plus side, it was a day game and a gorgeous, warm, sunny day and I took too many pictures.  Julianne & I are working on a project and need pictures of the other cheerleaders and not just her.  I always forget to take them until it gets too dark.  Wanna see a few?

Our best fan (really--his kids graduated a few years ago but he hardly misses a game):

Captains.  Do you love Gabby's new 'do?  There is a needle & thread cut into one side.  She's quite a seamstress!

I just like this one because they all look like they have one leg.

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