Sunday, October 25, 2009

Blue Devils vs. Blue Hornets

Last night MRH beat the Northwest Blue Hornets. It was our last home game of this season. Man, it was COLD! I was pretty bundled up but it took me over an hour to stop shivering after I got home. I made Julianne cuddle with me. It helped a lot! The newspaper predicted, based on all kinds of stats and probabilities, that the Hornets would beat us 42-0 (or something like that). Nobody scored at all until almost the end of the third quarter and that was it. It was a good game and there was certainly no reason for either team to be embarrassed. What a bunch of thugs! Apparently the first hint of trouble came before I got there when the teams were warming up. I don't know what happened exactly but Julianne said that there were coaches and cops pulling players off of each other. Our cheerleaders always take turns going in pairs into the stands to sell 50/50 raffle tickets during the game. Our cops stopped the girls from going into the part of the stands where the other fans were. They let a couple go but promised to "keep an eye on them". No--they weren't even a little bit weirded out by that! When J & I were walking through the parking lot to walk home the whole Hornet team was there supposedly waiting to "shank" our team. That's what I heard from other folks. They were stopped from slashing our bus tires and keying cars. I couldn't really tell a lot of what was going on as J was pulling me around the other way so we wouldn't walk through them. I saw cops with handcuffs in their hands and coaches yelling at players. I don't know who started what and I don't want to completely blame just one team if there was some tension between them before the game (I'm sure our guys didn't just shut up and ignore them) but our team was nowhere in sight on that parking lot and I can't blame our cheerleaders if there was some reason our policemen didn't want them in the stands where Hornets fans and parents were (and it's pathetic that there should be any trouble with parents there--ours would have skinned us). That's the first time that has happened. Maybe it was just tension because this game decided who goes to Districts? I know that one of their players was yelling really gross things (Number 79--you're a pig and I don't say that because you look like you ate the rest of your team) at our cheerleaders during the game and if I had known it during the game I would have told someone about it. He should have been kicked out of the game. Who taught these kids manners, respect, and sportsmanship? Way to go. You sure have a lot to be proud of. I am reminded again why I was so desperate to get out of the City school system!

We also won the cheer war!

Julianne is "flying" now. Oh, joy. They aren't "catching" her yet (not at games but they do at practice where I don't have to watch). Thank goodness! Ease Mommy into this! This is the first time that they did it at a game (and the first time for me to see it). I thought we had escaped this because she's very tall but apparently she's a "natural". Dang dance class! She LOVES it! Can you tell?

They're so cute in their warmups!

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