Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Nice to be appreciated

Last Friday the chef instructors at L'Ecole Culinaire threw a Student Appreciation Day for us.  It was awesome.  There was great food and a lot of games and things for kids--plus a dunking booth for taking your frustrations out on your instructors!  Julianne had never been there and I got to give her a tour.

These are Chefs Deweise and Smith, my instructors from my first phase, manning the popcorn table:

Chef Shuman getting soaked:

My classmates, John & Edith (and parts of Chefs Smith & Balk):

Mrs. Chef Judy and a chef whose name escapes me painting faces:

Chef Reidel demonstrating ice sculpture:

Chef Paine making cotton candy (Julianne's favorite part of the whole thing):

Chef Guthier ("Chef Santa"), Chef Paine, and Chef Hamid (ironically two of the Healthy Cooking instructors) working the cotton candy & snowcone table:

My favorite teacher ever, Chef Hedger, from my second phase (Chef Zuber, my 103 instructor, is in the background with a baby):

My current instructor, Mr. Chef Judy (Mrs. Chef Judy got hold of him and painted his face) & Whatshisface:

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