Tuesday, March 2, 2010

This week we are focusing on laminated dough in class.  I was very intimidated by it but needlessly.  It's easy!  Yesterday we made puff pastry and some fillings (lemon curd and apple).  Today we got to play with it.  We made some classic pastry shapes (bearclaws, pinwheels, etc.) but you can see that we got a little creative, too.  We also made cream cheese filling and had raspberry and apricot jams to use plus leftover frangipane from last week.  Today we made croissant dough that we will make stuff from tomorrow.   We will have savory fillings to use and chocolate besides what is left from today.  Tomorrow we finish our danish dough so that we can use it on Thursday. 

Tameka is my partner.  Here she is egg-washing our stuff before we bake it.
 Josh, Edith, & Steve
 Steve, Chef Hedger, Edith, & The Other Josh
Kristin, Randy, Kelley
I made the half on the left.  Before:
 This is our oven.
 We had enough dough to make more.
 Mine are on the left.

 Josh & Leo
 Joyce & John brushing on a glaze that Tameka & I forgot to make:




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