Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Today was fun.  We had hepatitis A shots.  We get a booster in about six months and then we're good for twenty years.  You have to have them to work in a restaurant in St. Louis City and County.

We have been making soup all week in class.  That's great.  I like to make soup.  I really don't like cooking in a group but I guess I'll live.  I just always prefer to work--or do most things--alone (why is Cyndi single?). Today went very smoothly.  We have four people and three soups so three of us each took one.  The fourth was Sous Chef anyway so he helped the instructors with garnishes and did the running for the rest of us.  I did the French onion.  YUM!  I can't wait to make that again at home.  We also did a white bean puree and chicken consomme'.  Yesterday was beef consomme', butternut squash puree, & chicken and vegetables with noodles.  Tomorrow is cream of broccoli and cream of mushroom.  I look forward to those!

My baby comes home tomorrow!  She sent me these today:

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