Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry Christmas!!!

Julianne got a lot of clothes.  I didn't get to shop until almost the last minute and I ran out of money fast!  I miss buying Barbies.  You can see my loot behind her.  I got a gorgeous green pashmina, Creative Memories software, some candles, tea, blooming tea from Teavana (Aha!  That's why she asked me if I liked peach-flavored stuff), and several other very cool things.  J, Abby, & I are home alone eating the snack foods I made (artichoke florentine dip, salsa, The Best Potatoes You Ever Had, etc.).  She is watching Dancing With Wolves (how the heck long is this movie???) and I'm playing with my new scrapbook software.  When her movie is over we're going to watch the seventh season of Gilmore Girls.  Life is good.

We are having a white Christmas.

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