Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Today at school we made bechamel and two small sauces with it--mornay and cheddar cheese sauce--and ate them on noodles with a toasted baguette spread with yesterday's compound butter. YUM!!! Guess what else? We took home the leftovers! I stuck it in the oven for Julianne with the green bean casserole that I promised her to make up for ruining it at Thanksgiving (though I still think the cayenne made it better!). She can't decide which sauce she likes best but she has inhaled quite a bit of both (the cheddar sauce seriously would have been even better with a teeny pinch of cayenne)!

Julianne went back to school today. Her voice is back to normal but her throat still hurts some. There are still some scabs. The cheerleaders had a study hall for practice but it got cut short by a fire. Copycat. They had to run outside without going to their lockers. It's raining and cold. Supposed to snow. After they stood outside for about ten minutes with no coats someone sent Julianne home. I think I'm as concerned about the contents of her locker as she is and I don't even know what is in there besides her coat. I hope the fire is out and no serious damage done. The worst part then would be that Julianne was taking a makeup test for her government class online and had to stop in the middle. Now she failed it and I guess it's a state thing so her teacher can't do anything about it. She thinks she can take it one more time. I hope so! Before surgery she had 102% in that class. She has to pass this!

I just scrolled down and realized that I never told you about the fire at my school! It was last Tuesday so I guess I had a lot on my mind. The fire alarm went off and we all went outside--also in the cold rain--assuming that it was a drill. At least we were in lecture and had our coats within reach. Turns out, though, that there really was a kitchen fire. I was kicking myself for not grabbing my knife kit on the way out! We ended up only being outside for maybe twenty minutes. The worst part of that fire was that there were three firetrucks full of firemen and I didn't get a good look at any of them!

I have a quiz tomorrow and should study some but U Is For Undertow was in today's mail. I think I know the material pretty well!

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