Sunday, November 29, 2009

I'll stop procrastinating tomorrow...

I have homework to do. I put it off all weekend and am almost out of time! It's due tomorrow. We didn't have school on Wednesday and this assignment counts as our attendance for that day. Why do we need credit for a day that there is no class? It's not rocket science. It's a five-paragraph essay on a famous culinarian and their contributions to our industry. I should just whip it out real quick. I have an Escoffier biography that I borrowed from Le Cordon Bleu and haven't been back to return (but I will). Easy! Composition is just not my thing. Never was. I love to read more than almost anything else but I don't write! I've done the research and now I am doing anything except writing! 'bout some Thanksgiving pictures?

My brother, Jim, made from scratch a pecan pie, two pumpkin pies, a very thick apple pie, a cheesecake, and a sugar-free cheesecake. Two of the kids are badly diabetic including his daughter, Sarah. He did a great job! It was all YUMMY! It was also the only leftovers I brought home (big pice of each). I'm kicking myself, too, because a turkey sandwich just sounds sooooooo goooooood!

Julianne goes to church camp every summer with my old church with the kids of the kids I was in youth group with and she meets a lot of kids from that neck of the woods. Every time she is at Granny's someone comes to visit her. This is Matt. He's a good kid. He stopped and got extra green beans on his way because I was left unattended to make green bean casserole and somehow cayenne ended up in it. Weird. C'mon, I'm a culinary student--you didn't really expect just salt and pepper?! Poor Julianne--that was the one dish she looked forward to most and it hurt her throat thanks to me.

Sarah & Dan:


My girls, Aubrey, Julianne, & Abby:

Julianne is doing pretty well. She can even eat if she takes her medicine (hydrocodone?). It's liquid and tastes pretty awful. She can choke it down in red cream soda, though. She still doesn't like to take it because she's pretty worthless under its influence. She is starting to form scabs in her throat and freaked just a little this morning when she saw them. I understand that she will get worse again when they come off. Oh, joy.

Going to make a pot of tea now and think about Escoffier...


  1. I love the spread of pies...looks delicious!!!

  2. It really was! Jim's a good baker and makes pies for several friends every year. He can't be convinced to pursue it as a profession.