Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Yes, I have been knitting!

I took a little break just because I was disorganized--both my head and my knitting supplies--and distracted for a few weeks. I worked a little on a couple of scarves. I have Fall Fever BAD, though, and with it comes Knit Fever! I always long for Autumn about this time of year but it's also been very cool the past few days. I love it! have a bunch of things on my needles now and I am really enjoying working on all of them. I don't even want to read! Just knit! How odd. I've also been fantasizing about moving to New England so I have mental images of myself in all kinds of adorable hat/scarf/mitten sets. I couldn't wear the same ones all the time!

This is the Baby Surprise Jacket that I made for William (I think they took his picture in it):

I don't know how to crochet at all but I thought the neck needed finishing so I made something up. I think it's not bad!

This is a very odd (but extremely easy) pattern. It's all one piece. The tricky part is folding it into a sweater when you're done. The only seams are the shoulders.

I made this hat last weekend to go with my brown coat. It's SO soft and I love the colors! I have convertible mittens started from the same yarn. I think I want a solid scarf for this set--maybe the medium blue color? Julianne says the hat needs a pom pom in the same solid color. We'll see about that. Gotta find the yarn for that first.

I have had this sock yarn around for awhile and I really don't like it. I'm making a lacy scarf to use as a gift. I can think of a couple of folks who would love it.

Remember my knitted-lengthwise Feather & Fan scarf? Here is why I did it that way in this picture. The Malabrigo Silky Merino is hand-painted and the colors vary so much from one hank to the next and I felt I could blend them better sideways. The three balls below are the same colorway! Julianne & I both love that scarf but it is so short. I have two cast on now--one for each of us. These will be long! I'm going to give the old one away.

This is the start of Loralei's Scarf. It's the same yarn as my felted tea cozy (the four socks in that post are sitting right here by my monitor waiting for heels--I got distracted!). I love this yarn! Love the color! If there is enough I might make a hat, too. I wanted this to be a nice, big, warm scarf and not a lacy one. I think it will be!

This is the easiest lace pattern EVER! It's my Cream Of Spinach Scarf. The yarn spoiled me. It's mohair and silk and SOFT! I love this!

These are next. I love them! I don't dress like TV or movie characters and have no other Twilight swag at all--and don't want any--but Bella's mittens are just gorgeous. This picture is from the actual company that made the ones in the movie so they are identical to Bella's. I'm using my friend's pattern so they will be a teeny bit different. The yarn won't be close, either. I'm thinking about City Tweed in either Brocade or Morning Glory. Whaddya think?


  1. Ooooh, I love all of your projects! Just gorgeous, Cyndi!

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