Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Warm me up

I need a warm scarf to go with my brown coat (and my gray dog) so I started making this one. It's made of Knit Picks' Twirl which is mostly alpaca and some wool. It's bulky and soft. It's on size 15 needles and I'm knitting it longways so I can't get tired of it and scrimp on the length. I'm thinking about adding a hood instead of a hat--no hat hair and no draft on the back of your neck. How dorky would that look? On me, I mean, not Abby.

I guess it's sad that half of my bed is usually full of yarn. At least it's soft! Abby doesn't play with my yarn but she likes to lie on it. Why does she look so sad?

This one is for my black coat. It's also longways and is from Knit Picks' Shamrock (100% Peruvian Highland wool) in the colorway Kavanaugh on size 17 needles.

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