Sunday, January 25, 2009

What's on my needles

I have way too many things on my needles right now! As many needles as I have, I still have to put off casting on something new because I don't have the right size empty. On Ravelry I am participating in an Ene knit-a-long. The first picture here is my Ene right after I finished casting on. The cast-on was brutal! 375 stitches, double-stranded (you drop one strand when you knit the first row), and the knit cast-on, which takes so much more time and thought than long-tail or e-loop. It really looks nice, though, and I used it for my convertible mittens. The edge looks almost braided. I am ready for Row 12 now. This is Knit Picks' Gloss Sock yarn in Parsley. It is fingering weight and is made of 70% merino wool & 30% silk. I love it!

I'm on a mitten kick and have two pairs cast on of the same yarn--Knit Picks' Shamrock. It's heavy worsted 100% Peruvian wool (same as the Wonky Ribbed Hat a few posts below). in the colorways Reilly (blue), Fitzpatrick (natural), and Kavanaugh (red). These mittens will be WARM!!! I started the solid ones right before Christmas but got distracted by other projects and haven't finished them. I keep thinking about frogging them because I'm just not excited by them anymore but I really think I would wear them. The convertible ones are fun. I started them this week in a red, white, & blue knitalong. They are a little further along than the picture. I think the flap that covers the fingers will be blue with a natural edge. They won't be the prettiest or most stylish mittens next winter but they may be the warmest!

I finished a scarf that I had started of Malabrigo Lace Yarn. It is below being modeled by world-renowned supermodel, Abby. I call it my Lipstick Scarf because that's what the colors remind me of. It's mostly red but there are a couple of shades of red and there is a lot of pink and even some dark orange. I didn't follow a pattern. I just knitted and did drop-stitch rows. I haven't worn it yet but will on Valentine's Day to volunteer at a wine thing for the Leukemia/Lymphoma Society.

The bottom picture I took yesterday and I just included it because it's so darned CUTE!


  1. Great dog!! Your mittens are looking good too. :)

  2. C--- your projects are amazing! You are Super-Knitting Woman! WOW! Your Ene is the most awesome color, and I want your mittens!!! The scarf will look lovely on your for the volunteer thing... it looks so delicate.

    Abby is a princess doggy. heehee!!

  3. Hey Cyndi, Had to look up what you are doing after talking to you this afternoon. I love the Ene scarf - I've knit two of them! Rough getting started, but so worth it in the end. Especially since the rows get shorter as you go! I like the lipstick scarf and the mittens, too! Good meeting you today!

    Cathy (aka hearmeknit on Ravelry)