Thursday, December 25, 2008

Our Christmas Day

We had a good Christmas. It's the first one that I've spent with my dad since 5th grade. That was nice! Everyone made a pretty good haul. I felt so guilty because I couldn't get Julianne as much as I wanted to and I only got anyone else one thing each. Maybe I can make up for it next year? J did get a ton of clothes. Good thing because the poor girl just did not have a thing to wear (lol). I got Kim & John their matching jammy bottoms. They opened them Christmas Eve when J opened her new ones. I got a lot of stuff! I think my favorite is my Smoothie Splash. My blender is broken and I miss making smoothies. I love to throw a bunch of fruit, (fresh and frozen), the filling of a green tea bag, and yogurt in there and mix them up. I always feel like I'm doing something really healthy and it tastes so good. I'm excited about my smoothie maker. It's red, too! Perfect! Linda, my step-mom, makes gorgeous jewelry. LOVE it! I have a ton of other stuff and it's too much to list but there are several dark chocolate items in there and some beautiful ornaments and soup mixes and much more! Lunch was great. John made a big prime rib and asparagus for me. He's a great cook.

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