Friday, December 26, 2008

New books!

YAY!!! Kim, John, Julianne, & I went to the mall this afternoon to hit the clearance racks. As I had little cash to spend and was in a crappy mood anyway (stress is piling up on me and J's dad somehow made it even worse today--how can he have a good Christmas without ALL of his kids?) I really didn't want to shop. I thought we were just going out for lunch. I looked until I finally found a bookstore. Barnes & Noble has some classic paperbacks on sale buy 2/get 1 free. Heaven! I got Wuthering Heights, Anna Karenina, and one book with a few Henry James stories in it for $15-something. I've been wanting to read Henry James for awhile. I got a drink and parked myself on a bench to wait for the others while I started Wuthering Heights. It's not gripping me so far but I'm going to finish it this weekend. I wish I could go buy more. I love books!

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