Tuesday, June 24, 2008

My first whole sock!!!

I have started a few socks and ripped them out but this weekend I finally finshed one. I don't know if I will make a mate. It's not washable wool and it's a baby sock and my baby is 15. I think I will keep it in the knitting bag, though. I think the ankle would be too tight for a real baby with this size feet. Baby things are fun to make.
I had a great weekend! I joined the Greater St. Louis Knitting Guild on Saturday when I went to their potluck luncheon. I got to meet a bunch of Ravelry ladies in person. They were all great and the food was great. A lot of gals brought their excess stash yarn to sell to the rest of us suckers. I went home with some very nice sock yarn--including two skeins of Tofutsies. The chitin (fiber made of shrimp and crab shells) in it intrigues me. It's not a color that I wear, but I'm going to wear Julianne down to letting me make her some socks. So far she has only allowed a couple of scarves. Maybe I will just make them and wrap them up for Christmas. That sounds like a plan. Then she has to keep them!

I got another Oddball blanket in yesterday's mail. This one is for an adult and is HUGE. Everyone who has worked on it has done an awesome job. There are some nice stitches there. I am choosing yarn and a stitch pattern. Maybe it will be a good thing to work on at the Wednesday night knit-in. The gal that sent it to me included some cute cotton yarn, a little pattern book, and some great-smelling tea.

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