Tuesday, May 27, 2008


I am participating in some charity knitting projects at my favorite place on the 'net (I mean second favorite--sorry, Margies!) knittinghelp.com. We call them Oddball blankets. I'm enjoying these projects! So far I am a knitter for two preemie blankets where each person knits four inches and sends it to the next knitter who does the same. When it's done someone else makes a border around it all. I am the last knitter on a preemie blanket named Nursery Rhmes (mine is the yellow part) and the first on one called Beach Party. They are both in this picture. I used the same stitch for both--checks & ridges--because it's EASY and it's reversible. It is customary to stick a gift in the package for the next knitter. Nursery Rhymes came to me with this nice and cozy pair of slippers made by the knitter, Connie, before me. I'm still thinking about what to include when I send them on. I might make some stitch markers. I am going to be knitting on this blanket, too: http://oddballblanket5.blogspot.com/ . I can hardly wait to see it in person! It is so beautiful. Now I have to look at yarn and see what will be pretty on this.

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  1. My charity knitting is not so much these days. I admire you for your work. There is something so satisfying about it.