Thursday, May 1, 2008

I am

EMPLOYED!!!!!! Finally! I was offered a job yesterday afternoon contingent on passing a physical and drug test today (uh-oh). I might even be able to start Monday. What a relief! I don't know how long until Unemployment runs out but it's not enough anyway and we have really been struggling. I will be making just a little bit more than I was at my last job and won't have to pay to park. That will be nice! As soon as I get caught up a little bit we will have internet at home again and I will update this blog much more frequently!

Julianne was in the Lindenwood fashion show again Sunday night. It was nice and we had fun. I got to hang out with the moms and I love that. They are some awesome gals. I don't have pictures of the show yet but here is one of J and a couple of other girls almost ready. She's the second one from the right with the plaid thing over her shirt. They hadn't brushed their hair out yet and were still in their own clothes.

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