Sunday, April 20, 2008

My baby brother, the geezer

Jim turned 40 today. We had a big crowd, including my mom, me, all of Jim's kids and his future daughter-in-law, and some of Bridget's family, that went to church with him this morning and then went to his house for grilled burgers and the best slaw EVER! Jim made this recipe. It was awesome and I think I'm taking it to the next potluck that he doesn't attend. Julianne had spent the weekend with a friend and got home this afternoon in time for soccer practice so she wasn't there. Our weather was GORGEOUS--warm and sunny. I burned my chest a little in my v-neck top. Jim's head is red. It smells like summer--charcoal and cut grass. I'm lovin' it!

Jim's whole clan is pictured below--wife, kids, step-kids, and future kid-in-law.

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