Monday, October 8, 2007


This past weekend was Homecoming. The Blue Devils are still undefeated! WOOHOO!!! Julianne & some of her friends got ready for the dance together at Molly's house. That was fun! I got to hang out and take pictures and visit with other moms. We had snacks (including yummy chocolate fondue). Molly's mom did all of the girls' hair and her sister helped with makeup. Most of the boys came by there to get their dates. J's boyfriend, Mason, had to walk so she met him at school. You can bet I walked with her and took a picture anyway! Some of the kids went to Houlihan's for food after the dance (of course I made sure a parent was driving because I'm funny like that). Isn't Mason cute? Look! He's taller than she is in her heels! Cool!

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