Tuesday, September 11, 2007


Football season has started and our guys are doing great! The JV team hasn't played yet, but the varsity team has played twice and won both games. All of the first-year cheerleaders are JV but they cheer with the varsity girls for the last quarter of their games. Two Fridays ago they played away at JFK (I was a Baptist mom at a Catholic high cheering for Devils). The cheer coach thought the spot was too rocky for the girls and made them cheer from the stands so the JV girls cheered there with varsity the whole game. It was fun. One of Julianne's best dance class friends goes to JFK and they had a joyful reunion. They hadn't seen each other since recital. Our team won 45-0! Talk about a good start! This past Friday was a home game with Brentwood--our arch rivals. I worked in the concession stand. It was fun. Heck--it was Friday night and I was out of the house with adults. That's fun. A few minutes into the game (with us ahead 12-0) the skies opened up and poured on us. The Brentwood team was sent into the auditorium. Our team was sent to the cafeteria. Our cheerleaders went to the cheer coach's office. J said they had a little party in there--17 wound-up girls dancing in a teensy office. After about an hour the rain let up but the whole sky was lighting up so they called the game. They made it up last night and we beat 'em 50-14. Julianne is so excited and proud that they are undefeated! I don't know if they will make up the JV game that was supposed to be played last night. She finally got to cheer, though. She looked so cute! Of course, Mom has pictures! She just left her flash drive in the computer at home. I'll post them tomorrow. I also have a video of J's favorite cheer. I think they made it up at camp. Cute!

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