Tuesday, July 10, 2007

My mom just called me from my brother's house. She's birthin' babies. Jim & Bridget adopted a german shepherd, Sierra, a couple of months ago. She's about a year old. One morning Bridget let her out to potty and she...uh...made friends with a gorgeous and HUGE solid white Siberian husky. She just had the first puppy. She just dropped it and walked off leaving Granny to warm it up. Grandma said that the first one is solid black with a little white spot. I could hear it crying for Mama. She didn't want much to do with it. I think she'll be more maternal when she's done having them and settles down. I wish I was there to watch! I've been fascinated with babies--of all species--since I was one. I'm very glad, though, that I don't have to try to give them away! They're going to be BIG and HAIRY and there will probably be a bunch of them!

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