Friday, July 27, 2007

I don't have good photo-editing software anymore. I have PhotoShop Elements but I can't manage to install it. I had it on my last computer with no problems so I wonder if it might not be Vista-compatible. PaintShop is my very favorite but my trial ran out and I've been too broke to pay for it. I have an older version on my old hard drive and I'll check to see if the setup file is still on it, too, so I can use it until I can pay for the newest one. Paint is fine for cropping or resizing but that's all. I downloaded a new one this week--FotoFusion, I think. It was free, but I paid $9.99 for the better version of it. I opened it for a minute yesterday morning and it looks like it's more of a scrapbooking thing than a picture thing. That's cool. I noticed something called auto-collage and played with it. I had a party creating this and it only took a minute!

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