Sunday, June 12, 2011

Beautiful day!

It is an absolutely perfect Sunday morning in Figline.  We had the morning free until time to go to Claudio's this afternoon and a few classmates went into Firenze.  I chose to sleep in so I missed breakfast in the hotel.  I walked down to the piazza in search of brunch and found delicious pastries and capuccino.  I really think I am in Heaven!  I love the piazza!  I love that everyone seems to just hang out together there.  There were about twenty old men with tables pushed together talking, smoking, and playing cards.  There were folks with their kids everywhere.  Things were being set up for the jousting tonight at the fair.  I'm excited about that!  I want to live somewhere with a piazza!

Breakfast in Heaven looks very much like this:

You get it here:

When I got back to the hotel I found my classmates in the pool with a jug of wine.

SO good!  And organic!

My own sort of Under The Tuscan Sun moment (not a lady bug but I think it's prettier):

Grappa, grappa everywhere...


I don't have the recipes yet but I will share this when I do.  It is zucchini layered with a creamy sauce and cheese.  To.  Die.  For.


I don't know what to call this.  I'll edit later when I have recipes.  It was good!

My new desktop background:

We made ice cream from one of those delicious cantaloupes.

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