Friday, May 13, 2011

My kinda party

Tonight I got my first taste of life as a tour chef and I loved it!  Granted, I didn't roll into town in the wee hours after weeks on a tour bus and really didn't work very hard.  The crew was great--just very nice people.  I've been thinking for about a year and a half that I would really like to do this for a couple of years and when I told some of my friends one of them introduced me on Facebook to a friend of hers from school, Gene, who does it.  He promised to let me help him out when he is in St. Louis.  I knew that he would be here with Jason Aldean's tour so I held him to that.  Julianne has a little crush on Jason and I got to report back that he is much hotter in person (and not nearly as huge as I expected).  I am meeting with another chef who does this over the weekend in hopes of helping him out a lot this summer and I am hoping real hard that one of these catering companies will take me with them someday soon.  What a good way to stay too busy to mope when my nest is empty!

Sound check:

Chef Cisco (very cool dude) and Ned, the owner of Ned's Catering:

James, the other owner, I think, making up a game for us during a break from packing up the catering truck:

We were to stand behind the yellow line and throw an egg to where the basket would be.  Kelly (another St. Louis gal who helped out) won $10 from James.

Gene (his egg went over the fence behind the goal):

The mess we made (my egg went over the basket):

All packed up:

Everything is covered in stickers!  My favorite of all of them is the bottom middle one here, "I may be old, but I got to see all the cool bands."

Gene & I took a picture just for Ally:

Cisco, the other Kelly, me, Geno:

Cisco, Kelly, Kelly, Gene:
Erik Church:

A drunk dude offered me $30 for my sticker so he could get backstage.  Broke as I was I figured it was a good way to not get invited back!

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